Guys, If my ex acts the same towards me as when we were together, does that necessarily mean that he wants to get back together with me?

When We're Together We Hug, Kiss, Cuddle WITH Each Other, and hold hands. He acts so lovey dovy and passionate towards me. It feels just as if we're still dating.
Guy's please help!!!


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  • Ask him what he wants. Only a girl would know how to ask subtlety. All this is showing signs he wants you back.

    • I don't know how to ask subtly. Because when I did a couple months back he said I don't want to get back together now.

      So if he wants me back what should I from here?

    • Ask him if he still thinks about you. Or say do you want to kiss me right now. But do take it sloooowly. It'll be a new relationship so don't go falling into the same old routine. See each other once a week then build it up to twice a week. Take control so to speak. If he doesn't like it tell him your reasons that you don't want to rush things. There is no need to at this point. Relationships take time to build up that is your best commodity you have right now. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

    • What do you mean say do you want to kiss me right now, when? And what do you mean ask him if he thinks about me? He must because he saids he missed me when I ask, right?

      Someone told me to try and hang out with him at least every 2 weeks so he has time to miss me and talk to him at least every week. Is that a good idea you think?

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