Where do I go from here? Do I leave him alone and move on, or not?

I met this guy about 2 months ago. We started talking on FB and eventually exhanged phone #'s. For the first week we texted all day every day and were really flirtatious. On our first date we really connected. We held hands, his arm was always around me, and we kissed goodnight. The next week the texting continued, not as often but still cute. That weekend we had plans but he had to cancel due to his child's sitter falling through. We made plans the following day and had a quick little date. Great connection and flirty with a kiss goodbye. Following that his texting seemed to change. He seemed less flirty and more distant than prior weeks. I asked him about it and he swore everything between us was fine and he was just having a bad time at work. When we saw each other again after two weeks he came to my house, I cooked dinner, and we watched a movie. When he got there he immediatly hugged and kissed me hello, we cuddled and kissed throughout the movie, and conversation flowed well. Before he left, things started to get a little steamy. However, before anything really happened, he stopped it. Yes, HE stopped it. He said he didn't think it was a good idea that soon. I felt a little awkward but respected his decision and backed off. Before he left we chatted like normal, hugged and kissed goodbye. I thought everything was fine. The next day he texted me saying he felt really bad, but he wasn't over the woman he was seeing just before he met me. He said he knew that relationship was over, but he wasn't over it. He said he really likes me and didn't want to hurt me but he still thinks about her. I did tell him that I really like him too but said I would leave him alone. He said I didn't have to do that, but I chose to anyway. I dont know what to do now. Would he have done any of that if he didn't have some sort of feelings for me? Is there any hope for anything between us when he's ready? Why would he say not to leave him alone? Guys, I need some insight here. I truly miss him
Also, not sure if it matters, but we met through a mutual friend, and he is a bit older than me (I am almost 26 and he is in his mid-30's), but that never really made a difference to either of us.


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  • It is a sensitive issue, I went through a situation similar to yours and ended up very hurt by forcing the relationship. I think you should think well which of the two is putting more of your part to make the relationship work. Maybe your feelings are stronger than his.

    However, I have the impression that he just needs time.


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