Girls, Girls how do you deal with a bad break up?

I am a guy but I am asking this for my friend (who is a girl). She is 22 and she was with her boyfriend for 3 years. They had a really good relationship but it was long distance most of the time. In the last 6-7 months of the relationship he started to ignore her and eventualy she got tired of it and broke off with him. He just stoped caring about her.
Its been almost 2 years since the break up and she still thinks of him and she didn't move on. How do I help her?
Oh and the relationship was really serious.. they talked about marriage.


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  • Go out , have fun as friends. Make her try new activities. This may help.


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  • The best way to deal with a breakup is get on fit and go to the gum, looking good Is the best way to move forward.


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