Why do I have so much hope?

why do i have so much hope and confidence my ex will come back? we had a pretty good relationship but she brokeup with me a few weeks ago because i became too needy over the last few weeks she said she couldnt see herself dating me again because as of right now she doesn't want to and she doesn't want to think about hypotheticals

she said i dont want to think of the chance i change my mind in the future i want to think about the present but its like im so confident she'll be back i was her best boyfriend in her own words she's never went back to an ex she's 18 but her ex's before me were assholes i think she just doesn't want to go against her word/scared but its like im not even sad im still moving on/talking to other people

so if she doesn't come back i won't be devastated but in my heart and brain i truly think she will why am i so confident? is it because either way i'll be happy?


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  • Because she "right now"'d you. "Right now" is a way to keep people on the hook and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. Move on, let her see you with another girl thats the only thing that will make her realise what she's lost

    • actually i dont think she said right now she was like i dont think ill change my mind im not waiting for her but from the moment we brokeup i felt we will get back together but like a dumbass I've been clingy and needy since the breakup the reason we brokeup so im making things even harder for myself... see while I am confident.. I'm not holding out hope.. I have no problem going out this weekend and talking to other girls.. I just would not be surprised in the future if we ended up getting back together.. but i can't wait for it.. i have to move on and live life

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    • Ok but I don't think the hope is good. Because while you hold onto the hope, you're preventing yourself from moving on. It's almost like denial. Instead of letting yourself feel the loss, you're refusing to acknowledge the loss has happened as you're convincing yourself that it's only temporary. Accept the loss and realise it will hurt, and you can't block the hurt forever, and once you start feeling it you can eventually get over it. Currently you're just keeping yourself in a limbo and you need to tell yourself, it really is over. And I need to start being ok with that. But understand it's natural to hurt over it.

    • That's true.. people who said they got back with their ex's.. they said they didn't even expect to get back with their ex's.. it just kind of happened.. and they let go for awhile.

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  • Maybe you just know her so well that you can predict highly what she will do. Regardless of that I would move on.

    • I'm def moving on, even with me moving on I feel she'll be back

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