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So i went on my exs twitter feed and loked quickly and I saw who she was Tweeting with and its this guy she was texting and snapchatting with the enitre time she was up the other weekend. We broke up a few days ago and yeah just having a rough time right now and i dont have that many people in my life to distract me.


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  • it seems you really loved that girl
    how long you've been together?

    • yeah i did and still do. If she dates anyone my money is on him

    • sorry man but stop focusing on old things you don’t want in your future. the more you think about them, the more you attract what you fear into your everyday experiences – you become your own worst enemy
      I know that you having a rough time right now , but you the one who make it rough
      you won't be able to live your life, because you make your ex controls your emotional
      you need to move on

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