Why does my ex want to be friends with me?

my ex brokeup with me a few weeks ago and she said that she usually cuts off ex's after a breakup and doesn't stay friends with them. but right now she wants to take our friendship slow cause she hasn't been in this situation before but eventually wants to become close friends to where we can tell each other anything and feel comfortable with talking. I'm not sure if it will happen, but I figured if she wanted to cut me off completely she would have done so from the start (even though it can still happen) do you think she genuinely wants to be friends? still has feelings? testing me to see if I fixed my flaws during the friendship to see if she should give me a 2nd chance or is she keeping me as a backup option just in case someone better doesn't come along?


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  • It depends on how you broke up with her. you can discover this by talking to each other. If you still have feelings for her, maybe it will be a new chance for boath of you. your heart will tell you the answer. Follow it !

    • she broke up with me. I feel like she broke up with me because I became too needy/clingy... so do you think this could be her way of seeing if I change?

    • Yeah, I think so. DO NOT look needy when you talk her. I know it's hard to hide your feelings :( . Talk nice and friendly and don't expect anything. Waiting for someone you deeply love to change his mind hurts like hell , I know. So instead of this focus on how to make yourself happy. Don't wait someone to do this. Be fresh , live and enjoy every second.

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  • tell her you are not interested in a friendship, tell her you can't imagine an scenario where you are with her and don't kiss her, tell her you love her pour your heart out but say that you just can't to that, but if she changes her mind tell her to hit you up...

    then hang up, walk away and never look back.

    When she hits you up again arrange a date, if she doesn't want to become your girlfriend anymore well... it's up to you but thats not what you want.


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  • Maybe she still cares about and want you in her life. Maybe she is using you til someone better comes along better. Girls can be like that since they are alone and have nobody else in their life they can talk to. If she wants to be friends that's fine but do you want to be friends with her since she broke up with you couple weeks ago?

  • Either she still has feelings or she feels guilty so you being her friend will reliever her from any regret or guilt.

    • I'm not sure why she'd feel guilty, but I don't know

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