Guys, Does it make sense that a year after the break up my ex is still acting all lovy dovy towards me when we see each other and why?

By lovy dovy I mean kissing, cuddling, hand holding, and hugging. It feels just like we're still together when we see each other.


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  • Without knowing who did the breakup, who was hurt, who was angry, and the mood, I can't say. Considering the two of you are close enough to kiss, it would not surprise me at all. There is only one exe I won't do that with and I left her because she never wanted to be close.

    • He broke up with me but we both got hurt by it

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    • There are many ways to understand and describe an individual. You are describing actions of both of you. With the exception of saying you were both hurt, don't describe either of you in an emotional sense.

      There is no indication whether there was anger, sadness, or bitterness. When people breakup, you can bet, there are some heavy emotions at play.

      Through your description, there is no way to determine how you felt. You need to understand that first. Then you need to understand how he feels. The answer will come from that.

    • He should be over it by now but we were both sad and angry

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