My exbf told me that he still has strong feelings for me but dating someone. I'm so confused please help?


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  • he want you as a back up plan . it's hard but you need to be with people who'll show appreciation for (you) not fake interest for your body . don't get confused and take the next step (EXIT)

    Good luck...

    • That's what I though thank you so much means a lot, and i understand what you mean completely thank you.

    • you welcome

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  • You have openly admitted he is an "Exbf,' which means he is dating someone else, not trying to get you back.
    However, putting her on the side and making you not his main course but a side dish instead, I feel he is Cheating you both and it isn't fair to either one of You... He is no better now than when you both were two birds of a feather, regardless of how you might feel about him.
    To be fair, as I always try to be here, dear, he may bein a Rebound Rebecca scenario where he is comparing her to you and is confused and with This... Let him go for now, tell him when he makes up his mind, you will be his friend, nothing more right now.
    Don't put yourself in a Triangle Threesome, where he is having his cake and eating it two, by You sitting at the tip of the triangle, looking down, side to side, at the both of them.
    Good luck. xx

    • He didn't tell me that when he was with her he told me that long time ago then two months later dating someone.

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    • Yes very true i get what you mean completely, i hope he realizes that soon

    • He Just may but what I hope is that you will be with someone else by then, to give him a taste of his own medicine. xxoo

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  • who brokeup with who?

    • He broke up with me long time ago.

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  • Do you want him back? In that case you must not reach him in any way. Let him come to you otherwise, he'll back away from you even more.

    This is called the no contact rule. I adapted it to my case, and made it the don't initiate contact? meaning that, I never contact him and only reply short, non emotional messages. I replied only to 1 out of 3 of his messages or calls.

    If you chase him, you will lose him definitely.
    He probably still has feelings but also doubts so give him the time to figure things out. And you live your life in the meantime. Men want sweet women, but not needy desparate women: show him you're doing great without him and you'll once again gain his interest.

    • Yes I do I still do. and Alrighty and well do indeed. Yeah agree with you he probably still does have feelings for me plus he told me too also i agree with you that he probably have doubts and i well give him time to figure things out. and alrighty well do thank you so much means a lot.

  • Usually when a guy says that when he's in another relationship all he wants is sex. Leave him alone.

    • well he said that before he was even dating anyone then two months later dating someone.

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