Why do you block your girlfriend and boyfriend after broke up and why or why do you ignore them after broke up?

why do you block your girlfriend and boyfriend after broke up and why or why do you ignore them after broke up.


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  • Because the memories start rushing I'm and the break up was for a reason. Mine cheated on me during our year and a half together with a woman whom has a child. It was a major blow to me as I sacrificed everything including my health for this person. If I don't block him put of my life it will be an actual health issue I would deal with. Sometimes it just not worth the pain and hurt anymore and so it is necessary to block the past.

    • I am sorry that really bad toh I wish you can get a good guy. and health issue is happen with every one how many month its been that it pass away.. are you hurt now also when you write the story now

    • No actually I am quite well and am doing great! It's been a year and a half since I broke up with him and I've been focusing on my college and organizations and family and I've been doing so well. Thank you for asking how I am doing :)

    • that great yeah i feel like to ask you so i ask because these thing i am studing

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  • Because "breaking up" means you and I will no longer see each other and we will go ahead with our lives, eventually dating others. It means we will have no more contact and hereafter you will exist only in my memories.

    What so man of your generation calls "breaking up" is a game you play in which one of you says that you are breaking up so that you can get a few days' vacation from the other, garner the attention of the other one, and then declare that your love is even stronger. . . until the next break up.


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  • I block them, when it hurts and when I definitely want to erase them from my world and my mind.
    I keep them in contact only when I don't care much.

    • okay how much you hurt when you broke up how you feel that time what going on that time when you hurt?

  • Because we're broken up? As in finished, not together any more, moving on with life?

    • you are 48 you are single you haven't had childrens with that guy

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    • You're anonymous, lol :) Even I'm not THAT good :)

    • hehe yeah you are not good girl lol

  • Because I don't wanna talk with him😆

    • that sit why is that that ou don't wanna talk to him?

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  • So I don't see their posts. Because we broke up...

    • I don't see their posts what this mean

    • If you block someone off of social media you don't see their posts. Like status updates, recent pictures , crap like that.
      If we just broke up and if she meant anything to me chances are I don't want to be reminded of her constantly.

    • okay brother that nice thing to say

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