What do you do when someone makes you feel hurt? Do you just walk away and not say anything?

This guy and I used to talk all the time and I thought we were cool and I thought we were good friends. But lately he's been dropping weird hints that he's not interested in speaking to me anymore. I get the hint.. and I'll leave him alone. But I can't help feeling so hurt.

How do you handle it when this happens to you?

I know that I too have hurt men in the past but I ALWAYS tell them when I'm not interested anymore. I never just disappear and I never drop hints that I'm not interested. I feel like that is the most disrespectful and rude thing anyone can do. At least just tell someone you aren't interested anymore.


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  • In life you'll notice that there are people who 'll come into your life and others leaving
    not because you're a bad person , but because everyone has a chapter in your life . there are those who 'll make you strong and others 'll teach you a lesson.. etc
    there are questions not need to be answered because destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you.


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