I found out my boyfriend at the time was playing me and his ex. I cut him off why would she take him back after what he did?

I didn't know what he was doing until she messaged me threatening me on facebook


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  • Some people have no self-respect. Desperate people do desperate things.

    • Good point I know I should care what they are doing but it hurts that I had to go through such bs for nothing.

    • Make sure that you learn all the lessons that you can learn from this experience. That's the most anyone can do.

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  • He probably made her think he cut you off because she is the one he really loves and wants blah blah blah

    • So you think he probably told her that he dropped me and she was satisfied with that?

    • Absoloutley!!

    • you are probably right. I don't understand how people can do the things that they do :(

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  • Probably because that's why she did it. To get him away from you.

    • So you think it was part of her plan? Do you think I was wrong for just cutting him off?

    • I'm sure it was part of her plan, but you did the right thing to cut him off. It doesn't matter how she arranged it, he should have said "No." On the flip side, if he comes back humbled, you should maybe give him a chance, because women can be pretty convincing when they really want to be.

    • Thank you for your insight!

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