Am I keeping too much to myself? Should I be more vocal even though we technically broke up?

Over a month ago me and the man I have been seeing for 2 years had an argument which ended with him telling me to forget him, he was rude. A month later he apologizes. We met up, shared time, then he showed me his text log, his Facebook and every single app he has on his phone. Weird. However on his text message log I noticed he had a womans name on it that I am sure she is the same woman he had a fling with during one of our breaks. I got so sad seeing that he still talks to her that I left shortly after. Exactly one week later (today) he contacts me to ask me how my week was. He asks me what I'm doing over the weekend after he said he had plans to watch games with his friends and I said I had no plans and didn't know what I was going to do. He hasn't answered. Why would he text me if he had no intention to ask if maybe we could see each other? I dont want to ask this without seeming too desperate to see him again. Was not mentioning what I saw to him over the phone right or wrong? I feel like I'm always walking on egg shells to avoid coming off as crazy. Do I just leave it like that? I guess he doesn't care to see me.


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  • dear
    you can't just leave it like that, you've to decide how to live your life, not just set back and letting other decide how to live your life
    have you found what are you looking for in this relationship? I mean (love, Interests emotional feelings...)?


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  • Block him and move on


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