When do you finally let go?

Everyone tells me.. whether you want an ex back or to be friends with an ex in the future.. first you have to let go and move on from the current relationship... . When do you finally let go/move on? and how do you feel you are improving? Do you feel that you're improving when you aren't looking at your phone non stop waiting for texts/calls?


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  • Personally, i knew i'd finally let go when i could think of my ex and smile about our memories together, instead of breaking down and crying non stop. I will never forget the pain , but i have accepted it. I no longer allow the past or hurt control my life.

    There's no time limit for letting go. Some people take a lot longer than others. It isn't time what heals pain... it's what you do with your time that helps you to let go and gradually move on.

    You know you have let go when you can think and plan for your future and they don't feature in it anymore. Looking at your phone, and wishing they'd text or call means you haven't fully let go.

    • That's so true. And from what others said. When you finally let go. It seems like the person ends up texting or calling

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    • I don't get why ex's do that.. break up with you.. basically destroy someone emotionally.. and then over time.. sometimes they want a 2nd chance

    • I can't unnderstand it either. 😞

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