Why am I so hurt if it's what I once wanted?

I was in a relationship with my ex for 1 year and a month. He is 20 and I was 16 when we started dating.
I REALLY liked him but after a while i started to feel like he didn't care about me. I opened up to him about how I struggle with depression and get insecure and he just said "lol wow." And when he said that I ended up crying and my bestfriend was holding me because it took a lot for me to open up to him like that and he didn't even make a comment he just changed the subject.
He always said he never knew how to help and he was not good at it.
He avoided me if we were around a lot of close friends especially females.
He openly told me he flirts with other girls and can't help it.
And he bragged about how many girls at his job liked him or would fck him.
But whenever we hung out things just felt perfect, when we kissed it felt perfect, when he held me it felt perfect, everything just felt right when we were together.
But we recently broke up a month ago and I've been a wreck, even though for months I've been debating in my head about breaking up with him. And I felt so unappreciated and low, like the relationship was one sided.
But why am I still so hurt by the breakup? Crying and thinking about him all the time? He blocked me on everything and we didn't really get a closure... so I dont know what to do.


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What Guys Said 1

  • His was fake love and yours is pure and you had compassion for him. Ask your self did he have compassion for you if not then its truly one sided Relationship. Yet you still love him. To be honest time will heal anything. Now go out there and socialize with your friends itll make you feel happy. Do tasks that will make you forget him like read book play games fill up your time with other activities. Slowly you will see you will begin to forget him


What Girls Said 1

  • Last summer I dated a guy I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted to... It didn't end well... He abused me and raped me and treated me like garbage and when he wanted something or knew he hurt my feelings he tried acting like an angel.. He tricked me for almost 6 months... The entire time I debated breaking up with him... And when I finally did, I cried for weeks and weeks on end... I was depressed and thought I missed him... But what I missed was the title... I missed the claim of "that's my boyfriend" after about 2-3 months, I started acting more myself and I was happy again and smiling and caring what I looked like! Hang in there hun, it's difficult, but it will turn out way better than what it started! I have a boyfriend who treats me better than I could have imagined, and I hope that happens to you! So don't settle for someone who mistreats you, they aren't worth your time! You need someone you can open up to and love you at your worst and has patience with you! Trust me, you'll be getting better soon! I promise!


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