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So I was recently shown some old tweets my ex tweeted right after the break-up and maybe a little over a month. I didn't go looking for them but, a mutual friend said I should go read them. I hope someone can tell me if these are in reference to me. SO I started dating this girl in may of 2014, we worked together and everything was great. We had our ups, and our downs but, she cared for me. She would be happy to see me. SHe would tell me she is falling for me each passing day. On December 3rd I broke up with her and for no real good reason. Through the break-up I wasn't the nicest person. I showed an ugly side of me and to this day I don't know why I did. I remember asking her to bring some stuff I left over her house and drop them off at work. I went in and grab the bad she put the items in and walked out. As I was leaving I saw her walking my way to the trailor where we operated at of. I walked passed her like I never met her before. I could feel her look back. Through the past summer I was rude and kept showing the ugly side of me when i was trying to get her back. I know that she wanted nothing to do with me because I showed I haven't changed. So here are some of her tweets. Hopefully you can tell if it's in reference to me. 12/12/14- "I feel like I just got hit in the chest with a ton of bricks" This is something she quoted on Jan 23rd 2015- "You were the one, you always will be. But I can't be with you." I believe thats a qoute from the TV show house. 1/24/15- "You can only push me away away so many times before I decide it just isn't worth it to chase after you anymore." 1/28/15-"There's a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants." I hope someone can help me. I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. I do care for her. I left the job. I haven't talked to her since August and at some point even though it may have ended ugly I would like to at least reach out an apolgize. Hopefully someone can help me with those tweets.


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