Guys, How would you act toward an ex you still have feelings for?

How would you act with an ex you still feel something for?
Would you just ignore/not talk to an ex you didn't have feelings for or didn't want in your life?


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  • I hate this... I'm going through the same with my ex... some days she talks to me a lot.. other days I don't hear from her

    • Aw I'm sorry, I know how you feel!

  • Depends.. who broke up with who?

    • He broke up with me. It was a kind of "needing space" situation, it wasn't an ugly breakup at all

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    • I don't know if he does, that's what I'm trying to figure out really. We cross paths in person weekly and though I've made no effort to go and talk to him, lately he's been approaching me to talk, he's complimented how I look multiple times. I figure if a guy breaks up with a girl and has no feelings left he would probably just not bother to go out of his way to speak with her and just get on with his life?

    • Unless if he wants to be friends, but break ups are confusing.

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