Does he really mean its over or is he confused?

So me and my fella split just over a month ago. We have an 8 month old and the last couple of months before we split he was always going out drinking after work and ignoring my messages and calls. I stayed at my mums for a week & he said he hated it we was his world and we had a heart to heart and he said sorry for going out so much and would spend more time with us as he works nights stayed out drinking then come home slept all day till ready for work. He was great for few days then he went out drinking from 6am-2pm and had work at 8pm and was an arse to me so i packed his stuff and kicked him out to try make him see what hed loose We was ok for just over a week then one night it kicked off then weve been fine since. I asked him if he wanted to try again and he said he didn't know as was concentrating on us being civil & being there for our son. Then fed up of being in limbo i asked what we were doing and he said i thinks too much happened with arguing since he left to be able to come bk incase it went wrong again HOWEVER when he comes round he acts like we never split up even my mate said the same. I was out with friends last night & he was working in the club i ignored him and got served as i went to walk off he threw something at me and started flirty banter. So what the hell does he want? Would u say he dont want to come back at all or that there's still something there which he may realise in time if we get on ok?


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  • Dude, you've got living proof that there's a connection, your baby! You're young yet, you have your whole lives. Relax. If he wants to get a drink every now and again with the guys fuck it... Let him go! Don't give him shit about it. If it becomes and all the time regular thing, like everyday, then I'd say there's a problem. Chill, before you lose him forever. Remember you just had a kid, you're hormonal

    • I didn't care he went out because at the start was just once or twice after work for couple hours but when its everyday and spends money on alcohol rather than his family i didn't like it. Were not together no more im just trying to understand what he actually wants

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    • Well, you've got his kid, he won't be goin to far... don't worry so much, one day at a time. Try and think positive... this could just be what the two of you need, a little air, some breathing room. He'll be back around, after all, you are the mother of his child. Good luck to you and keep me posted, if you'd like. Hang in there girl!

    • Well he didn't take no stuff today like he said and was in a right mood fri because i didn't say hi when i was out but he was working so wasn't going to disturb him. Think i need show him what he's missing. Thanks hun x

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