Have you ever became friends with an ex?

If you've became friends with an ex, how long should you wait until you try to reconnect with them? Especially if they broke up with you


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  • You mean via text or phone call? I don't reconnect with them. If I see them out I am friendly and if the conversation continues that's great. Since I have a guy now, I do not think it'd be appropriate to take it any further with an ex.

    • I wonder if this is why my ex hasn't talked to me much lately, maybe she found a new guy

    • Maybe. That's what exes are supposed to do. Find new people yourself.

    • That's a good point.. I do think ex's do get back together though... I see it happen basically all the time.. Most of the people I know have gotten back with an ex at least once.. but it usually happens 3-4-5 months down the line. . If you think you're gonna get an ex back after the first 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 weeks.. You are SADLY mistaken.. After a break up.. people either want to be single. or meet other people.. I mean I've gotten ex's back and some of my best friends are ex's.. but it usually happens after awhile of not really talking much

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  • It takes awhile


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  • with my first partner we just organically reconnected and became friends for a short time
    but once he got serious with a relationship with his future wife, we stopped talking

    friends with exes usually doesn't work out from what i observed

  • Don't stay friends with an ex. I stayed friends only with guys I dated for like few months only, but if it was a long term one then cut off all ties and forget about them. You are probably the one who's been dumped few weeks ago, I'm sorry that happened. I've been there 7 months ago with my ex of 4 years. He also wanted to be friends and was calling me almost every day. Eventually I realized I can't do that since he started having casual sex with people. He is still freaking calling me every now and then and I have no idea why, I'm just civil with him. There's no point in analyzing him, I gave up. I'm still healing from everything and I decided to give him a cold shoulder next time he contacts me, just gonna ignore him. He is not even aware of how much he fucked everything up and I see nothing will make him realize that. Maybe ignoring will. You should do the same.

    • That's so true... Do you think if you only dated someone for like 4-5 months.. it's possible to stay decent friends?

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    • But then again, I was really young and immature back then, didn't really thought about any consequences, didn't have any experience before. I guess that was in his favor. I often find myself thinking how I swallowed my pride and dignity back then and settled for less then I deserved. It's true I should've just cut him off and not give him what he wanted, but I wasn't smart enough. I think I got over him when I met my next boyfriend. I guess that's why my most recent ex doesn't understand why I don't want to friends because he knows I have a history of staying friends with ex's. Even though I'm glad I stayed friends with that guy, I would never do that again because I am older now and people change, I changed.

    • That makes sense.. my ex is I don't know.. she's 18.. and I think I was her first serious boyfriend.. like she had people before me.. but the way we were it was so good.. we broke up because I think she felt like I was being too clingy. and she wouldn't be able to have fun... since the breakup... we talked basically every day for the first few weeks but the last week or so.. she said maybe we should only talk occasionally.. she wants to be friends.. but she's not use to being more than cordial with ex boyfriends so she told me it's new for her and something she needs to take her time with.. I'm not sure what will happen.. but I'm kind of worried.. I don't want to lose the friendship we had before we dated.. but it's like at this point there's nothing I can do.. I don't know if she truly doesn't want to be friends.. if she still has feelings and needs time.. if she's testing me to see if she wants to get back together if she found someone else or what

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