Guys, If you missed your ex, would you try to contact them again?

I know sometimes I miss my ex a lot, but I just don't have the balls (literally and metaphorically) to contact him again because it was so an awful breakup. He broke up with me but I was the one who deleted his number and blocked him off every social media.

Now after 3 months I find myself missing him so much and wanting to talk to him. I still have dreams about him on and off and today out of the blue I'm thinking about him so much.

Does that happen to you as well? Where after so long you get this desire to talk to your ex, and do you try to contact them or do you hold yourself back?
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  • It depends on what it is you're hoping to achieve. Is it getting him back or just seeing how he is doing?

    If you're looking to get him back then you need to start off really slow. I do mean SLOW. Don't send him a nothing text like 'hey' or 'what you upto'. Try remember things that you both liked doing or shared or something that interests him. Something like. Just seen (insert common interest, TV show or movie) made me think of you. Made me smile. Hope you're well.

    You want to build up a rapport with him gently. He can either reply or not. If he doesn't, wait a week and try something else. Don't start blowing up his phone with messages. You want to build up a dialogue with him. You don't want to start being needy and desperate. Think with your head not your heart.

    Hopefully you'll get a positive response. Few messages to and fro then stop. Keep it on topic and don't say anything about the old relationship. If you get a neutral response or a negative response. Wait a week and try again.

    So far it's working for me. I've just recently text my ex and she is replying back. It's building up a friendship 1st then next stage of building attraction without sounding needy or desperate.

    Hopefully it'll work for you. Good luck!!!

    • Im really stubborn, I will not message him until he does first. Problem is we both kind of deleted each other off everything, but I knew his number by heart so I reinstalled my Whatsapp and Im just hoping fate connects us again

    • Maybe that's something that you can work on. It can be unhealthy in a relationship if your stubborn. No one wants to shift their opinions which can leave situations left at a stalemate. Festering like a bad sore until someone has the courage to make the 1st move.

      What if 'fate' is another way of you being stubborn. Its better to try than not try at all!!

    • I forgot to add. If you tried. You tried. Nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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  • Thinking about it is a really common thing. Successfully getting back together with someone you broke up with before on the other hand is not real likely to happen.

  • Not ever. If I saw her on the street I would not even acknowledge her. If she tried to speck to me I would walk away

  • Stay strong, don't contact him. Your life will be better for it.

    • Thank you so much. I know this is the better thing to do... But its not the greatest thing , or so it seems at this point.

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