My ex says she's pregnant?

So me and my ex broke up in November at school. We had been dating two years and she had been breaking up with me a lot lately and our fights started to get out of hand and frequent. She even started physically attacking me so when she broke up with me this time I said enough is enough. She said she wanted me back and I was talking to her and we agreed to be friends.

About a month later she says she's pregnant and we've been talking about it. She said she was going to get an abortion and then she lied that she did and now she doesn't know what she's going to do. She also says I can't be involved at all unless I decide to go back to her. I personally don't think she should have the baby because she has some problems and she has already tried to attempt suicide. I really don't feel a child should be put through that.

Also she has been lying a lot lately and I don't even really know if she is pregnant and I'm really at a loss because I can't go back to her she's abusive but I want to be there for her because I do care for her and I do love her.
My ex says she's pregnant?
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