My ex says she's pregnant?

So me and my ex broke up in November at school. We had been dating two years and she had been breaking up with me a lot lately and our fights started to get out of hand and frequent. She even started physically attacking me so when she broke up with me this time I said enough is enough. She said she wanted me back and I was talking to her and we agreed to be friends.

About a month later she says she's pregnant and we've been talking about it. She said she was going to get an abortion and then she lied that she did and now she doesn't know what she's going to do. She also says I can't be involved at all unless I decide to go back to her. I personally don't think she should have the baby because she has some problems and she has already tried to attempt suicide. I really don't feel a child should be put through that.

Also she has been lying a lot lately and I don't even really know if she is pregnant and I'm really at a loss because I can't go back to her she's abusive but I want to be there for her because I do care for her and I do love her.


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  • If the baby is your's then she cannot legally keep you away from the baby. You can fight that in court and win rights to your child. And this is a big deal for you and if you do not think she should have the baby you could fight to become the legal guardian of the child and raise it as your own or just give it up for adoption whenever the baby becomes yours.

    If you can prove in court that she has attempted suicide and whatever other problems you say she has then you do have a sound case. But the one thing you cannot do is force her to get an abortion. If your for abortion (which I am personally against and hope you two don't choose this route) you can talk to her about it and tell her why you feel she should get one, but no matter what you say you cannot make her get one.

    You should not go back to her if she is becoming abusive. I understand you having strong feelings for her, I've been in that position, but trust me, it is not worth the pain and heartache. All you can do is support any decision she makes with her pregnancy, and if you end up with the child be the best father you can be for the child, and if she keeps the baby then try your best to be there for it.

    • My only problems are I have to go back next semester and she's going to lie to people. and two if my parents find out I'm out the house which means no more school and goodbye career.

    • The end may have sounded selfish but my point is I won't be able to take care of the child either.

    • If she does start to lie to people you can still defend yourself. Whether they believe it or not, you know what is true, and soon they'll find out if she is pregnant or not. And its not selfish, I completely understand. Having a child too young can mess up career life. At my age getting pregnant, even the thought of college is out of the question.

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  • honey cut her out of your life move on.any person who puts there hands on a loved one is worthless you deserve better .ask for the child the choice of having a child has to come from her I no you say she has had difficulties in the past etc but she might not see you for where you are coming from with your concerns.the child has a right to see and no both parents so if your ex does decide to carry on with the pregnancy and denies you accsess go to a soliciter and get some advice you have done nothing wrong ok .


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  • Looks like she is a manipulative, lying and psychotic girl.

    Get away from her and don't try to save her from herself.

    She may not be pregnant. If she is, it may not be yours.

    In any case, she is an adult. Let her decide.


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