Is my girlfriend not being fair about trust issues?

It's been a year now, I found out she cheated on me she begged for forgiveness then cheated on me again... Begged even harder so I gave it another go...

She he wanted to earn my trust back she says she even told me to go through her stuff if I need to so I can see she is being faithful. She told me she doesn't like when someone goes through her stuff but she understands the situation.

Last week I checked her email and saw she forwArded a picture of her ex the first guy she cheated with to another email address... It upset me and reminded me of all the pain I went through and made me worry she is seeing him again so I questioned her... She said that pic was in a group of other pictures and she can't delete it without deleting the others so she didn't want to touch it. The picture was in her gmail account.

Then she flipped and said it was pretty shitty that I went through her email and I reminded her we agreed to allow me to have access since she cheated and her reply was she meant her phone not her email... She she broke it off with me saying she doesn't want to be in a relationship were she has to be questioned all the time and her privacy invaded... And she was serious she doesn't text me anymore and I won't text her I feel like I didn't do anything wrong and she cheated I don't trust her already why should I chase her?

Does anyone feel she has the right to take back what we agreed?


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  • Nope. She should realize that with her history, cheating compounded by more cheating, you have a right to be skeptical about her faithfulness. And if she didn't like it, she shouldn't have offered up the option to go through her stuff. Actually, she shouldn't have cheated but that's none of my business. But no, she can't rescind her offer just because she feels like an appropriate amount of time has passed. I think that would be up to you to decide when you feel you can trust her again. And if she doesn't feel comfortable being regarded like a cheater, then you're probably better off without her.

    • I feel like an idiot she ask me to forgive her for cheating twice and she breaks it off w me bc I went through her email and found a picture of the guy she cheated on me with...

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  • You need a kick in the ass, you forgave her for cheating once. Than you catch her again, and forgave her again.

    So you were really surprised, that she cheated again?

    Your being played, she now knows that she has you by the balls and that no matter how many times she cheats. You will forgive her, and take her back.

    Have some self love and respect for yourself, and walk away and find someone that respects you. Because the girl you are with, does not care for or respect you.

    • Do you think it's just because she doesn't respect me? She is 40 years old and she tells me the stories of how her ex husband was always accusing her of cheating and going through her stuff.., it seems like she likes to have her main boyfriend and sleep w other guys.

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    • Every cheater swears, they never cheated before. Don't that just make you feel so special, that you are the lucky guy that she started cheating on.

      Forgive a cheater once, they cheat again walk away and don't look back.

    • She denies the 2nd guy but at that time she used some lame excuse to break up and a week later I find out this guy who been calling her picked her up to take her out to dinner she tried to tell me it was to talk about business. I made her out him on speaker and she told him she was with me and he was shocked said what? You never told me about him... Next day she text him saying hey she is going to date (my name) I don't want to lead you on but we can still work together..., ummm we were together 8 months and she lying to the guy. It looks like a text saying hey we can't do what ever bc I'm going to start dating this other guy... But she just denies it and says she worded the text wrong... I asked for his number and she wouldn't give it to me...

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  • I think your first mistake was taking her back. If you don't trust someone, it's very hard to learn to do so again. Did having access to all of her accounts etc. actually make you trust her? Probably not, especially if you found stuff. I don't think that either of you are wrong in this situation (you want to be reassured; she wants her privacy) but I also don't think that it ever could have worked out any differently than it did.

    • I'm usually zero tolerance when it comes to cheating. We were like best friends and we had a very strong bond... It's crazy she threw it away like that...

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    • It's the prevailing thought in psychology behind infidelity. You don't care enough about the person so you knowingly and purposefully hurt them by cheating.

    • She isn't the first person who cheated on me but I do find similar things in their personality it's like the brain of a cheater is wired different from a loyal person the way they see things or the way they talk about relationships

  • she doesn't have a right i mean once a cheater always a cheater i would the same thing to my man
    i would just move on man

    • You would be checking her phone emails etc?

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    • Awh Im sorry

    • No need to be sorry u know she isn't no good

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  • Nope she didn't have the right to. Your better off without her though.

    • She broke up with me saying because I invaded her privacy... Da fuck

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