How to let him down easy?

So, there's this guy who sits next to me in a college class and he has the same hour break that I do before the class. Last semester he started sitting with me during the break with a few of my friends and talking to us. We talk in class sometimes, about the class or the weekend, just general stuff. We didn't talk outside of class until we had to do a group project with 3 other people together and he got my cell number along with everyone else in the group. He never used it and neither did I so it didn't seem like a big deal, but since this semester started, he's been acting like he wants to date me- flirting, texting me (I don't reply) etc. How do I let him know I don't like him without making it awkward to sit next to him for the next 4 months?

Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll try to be unresponsive-and if he asks about my relationship status, definitely pull the "not looking for a relationship" card.


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  • Well, you could just continue to be unresponsive to his flirting, and perhaps eventually he would get the hint and just stop.

    Or you could talk a lot about some other guy you have a crush on, and that might discourage him from pursuing you. Hah, though I don't know if I would really recommend doing that.

    Unless you know for sure that he's interested in dating you, I wouldn't directly tell him that you're not interested, because if he wasn't to begin with, then that'll definitely make things awkward.

    Hm, I feel like that wasn't much help. Guys are tricky. :\


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  • just tell him that your not looking for a relationship but that you appreciate his friendship


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  • just tell him you don't see him like that, and if it ended awkwardly then it would be hard to work with him so you would rather not date him for your friendships sake


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