I still miss my ex after 7 months. I think of her often and still love her. Can you please help?

The problem is that i still miss my ex and I still love her. We broke up 7 months ago and my feelings for her still remain unchanged.

The reason for the breakup was because we were long distance though I did make an effort to visit her multiple times a month. We were 4 hours apart. I knew her when I went to school with her, but then I had to move and then that's when we started to fall for each other.

I'm 20 and she's 18. She said I was husband material.. She's a mature and smart girl so don't say she's ahead of herself. She was my first love and I was hers.

Whats hard is that she is now in college and dating her best friend. He doesn't love her as much as I do and doesn't treat her like I did. She calls it "a friendship relationship".. Whatever that means. I'm a romantic and sweet guy so I guess there's a difference? Anyway, Her friends and my friends told me that he is a downgrade from me. I'd say jealousy is a factor for me and I hate it.

She was my first girlfriend and first love. We dated for a year and 4 months. It was great, but now I can't get her off my mind... Still. Ugh. I still think of her often and I don't know what to do. We are kind of friends.. We don't talk much anyway.

My question here is that I don't know what to do. I know you might say to date other girls, but I'm extremely picky and want a girl that suits me well. I don't date just to date. I DO NOT want her out of my life. She's basically a girl form of me. I'm not stuck on the fact that she's the only one for me.. I know there are other girls out there, but after 20 years, she is the only girl that I have come across and truly loved.

So now that you know all of this, can you please give advice as to what to do to: overcome jealousy, miss her less, and basically what steps to take in the near future and further.

Thank you so much for reading and God Bless.


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  • Bro I'm sorry you're feelin this way. Reading that was almost like my own story. I too lost my first and only love a few months ago and still love her like crazy. I would start throwing up from thinking about how it's over now. It's no good and I feel for you. If your plan is to move on then I recommend deleting and getting rid of every single thing that can remind you of her. It'll hurt but you'll feel relief after. Then it's just a matter of seeing where god takes you. Stay strong and good luck. Pray a lot

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response. Seeing that it's been 7 months, I haven't gotten rid of stuff, I just put everything into a trash bag and stored it all in my attic. As far as I know, she kept all of my stuff as well. See, I can move on in the fact that I know there are other girls out there. Just the thing is that distance was our only problem. Everything else was perfect. If distance wasn't a problem, there's a 90% chance that we would still be together and last even further.

      I have deleted pictures and videos on my phone, but that wasn't too hard because I have them stored on my laptop. I have enough strength to not look at them.. I haven't looked at them in months.

      I can't really cut her out of my life because her family absolutely loves me and still keeps in contact with me. I also visit her nana everytime I get the chance. I wouldn't want her out anyway.

      I guess the last thing to do is pray. I used to pray every night but recently I haven't at all.

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