I need help... can you help me?

I had breakup last month with someone I was with for 8 months. I actually loved him a lot and I know he has already moved on and has a new girl... I still love him... I wish all the luck for him.. I want to move on but I try it successfully some days... then I end up crying and thinking about him... this was my first time I cared for someone other than my family... I loved him a lot... I still do... but I want to move on but stuck. Right now crying my eyes out.. I always care for people and this always happen to me... now I'm scared of people.. please no harsh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭comments... I
I don't talk to him anymore... I deleted my social media accounts and whatsapp also... deleted everything that reminds of him... still it is not helping me...


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  • It's never easy to lose someone you love, but you just gotta try and move on. Hang out with friends, go on nights out, go on trips. And eventually meet someone new.

    • Actually I loved him a lot... he was basically someone who forced me into loving him... now he left me here crying... I cared a lot... I still do.. I think I'm gonna be sick...

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    • Thanks for MHO πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for making me feel a little better.. I hope you the best and God bless you 😊😊

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  • It's hard to Think someone you are no longer with anymore here, dear, has 'Moved on' without you somehow now.
    As hard as it is right now for you, time will heal all wounds, even if takes a long time to lick your war wounds with each passing day.
    I broke it off with my First love when I was 16 and I never quite healed until I was 21. No matter who I dated or was in a relationship with, I compared Him to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I finally got Closure a week before he got married and I realized then, that I no longer had those old feelings anymore and it was Then.. I could move on.
    Try being in the company of friends and family to make this time of your life with less strife. I always found that people who were the Loving, More compassionate ones, were the Ones who could Gain some of my own Pain.
    Good luck and my blessings, I know what you are feeling. xx

    • @Paris13 thanks... I hope to get over it some day sooner... but right now it pains a lot... I never felt like this ever... no matter how much I keep myself busy... in a day at least once he crosses my mind... the last thing he said to me was he never loved me... which actually made me cry so much... bc I loved him dearly 😭😭😭😭

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    • It won't be an overnite thing to lose love but with time, no contact and finding something to preoccupy your mind and heart helps.. I merely got involved with family and friends and went back to dating and living my life but never quite forgot until the nite of my closure which then made it easier to finally move on... Right now, He has 6 kids and glad it was not me. lol
      He will treat her bad after awhile like yourself for he knows no other way... You sure are better off without him. xx

    • Thanks Paris13... I took a lot of your time... thanks so much for talking to me 😊😊😊😊😊 God bless you... you are really very good human being

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  • its never easy moving on, sometimes its best to try and spend time with friends and see if they can help you take your mind of him

    • I talked to my friend like yesterday... I shared this with her... she says moving on is the best option... and I also want to do that but I always end up thinking about it again... you might think I'm silly or stupid.

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    • Thanks for replying...

    • your welcome :)

  • just try to move out from the relationship I know its really hard for you. he sound an asshole but you seems nice to him always. as my girlfriend said me really mean thing to me creep cling which i am not she is the same thing what she gave me those words really sucks I REALLY HATE THAT FUCKING GIRL


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  • I was with my ex fiancΓ© for almost 3 years, he left me in January for someone who is practically binging him down.
    I still care for him and love him too.
    It honestly does suck the first couple of months, but over time it gets easier.
    Do something you love, go hiking, hang out with friends, anything to get your mind off of him:) who knows, maybe you'll get back together one day, if not, you'll find someone better.

  • Even though they don't always help, talk to your family. They are always there for you and they can definitely keep your mind off of things. Know that your family loves you unconditionally, and that you can talk to them about more than you think.

    If you're embarrassed, think about when your parents were younger. They experienced the same things heartbreak, crushes, indecision, all of it which means that they've been through the same things before. You might be able to gain some wisdom from talking to them.

    Good luck.


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