Did I push him too much? Get in here?

I was seeing a guy for 6 months. He treated me well and vice versa; dates, constant communication, and respect. We were intimate after 5 months and it was one time only. After sleeping together he didn't treat me any different and things were ok.

What bothered me is that I asked him a few weeks ago how he felt about us and we agreed we werent seeing others, love each other, etc. He was so uncomfy discussing feelings but I wanted to talk bc I'm at the point where I'm ready to be in a relationship w him. I got tired of him putting it off so I told him let me know NOW so I can either stay or move on. (This was over the phone)
He tried to put the convo off again but I demanded he tell me an answer. So he blurted out "just move on bc I feel like I'm holding you back." I said ok and wished him luck.

Was I too pushy or desperate? I just didn't want to get hurt or strung along and I feel like 6 months is enough time. I took my time w him and STILL got hurt. Should I have handled it differently?


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  • Yes you were to pushy and demanding. For all you know he could have been ready for something more serious with you , but with your insistence you showed him a side of you he was not ready to see

    • That's a good point, thanks. It's just after 6 months I felt like he should know. Plus I began to get worried bc he would go 2 weeks w/o seeing me when he only lives an hr away. I needed to feel/hear it from him how he felt. If that makes sense.

    • Yes it does make sense , but if the time you two spent together didn't give you a feeling of where things stood then obviously something was missing

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  • No, you weren't pushy at all.
    He was trying to string you along.


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  • If it were me, sex after 5 months is a long time to wait and I would think you just wanted to be more like friends and I would let you go. I think for whatever your reason for not having sex is fine, but I do think because of not having sex the intimacy, romance and passion can only develop so far. It may not have developed enough for each of you to see this relationship as being something special and worth holding on to.


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