Why is my ex being super nice to me?

We were together for a year on & off. At the beginning of the relationship he treated me like shit he was so hot & cold. I guess it's because he had a lot going on in his life he even spent a couple months in county jail for some petty charges. I was there through all the good & bad times & i loved him unconditionally, I still do actually. But we could never stay on good terms. He struggled to commit to me & i felt like I had to beg for a good spot in his hectic life so we decided to end it "For good" i say for good in parentheses because we've ended things a thousand times & got right back together within weeks or months. We both agreed that were unbreakable & nothing and no one can tear us apart, so far this is true. Anyways after the last "break up"(which ended on bad terms) i didn't attempt to contact him for a while but then he called out of no where being really nice saying that he's in town & if ever need anything or need something done to call him he asked how I was feeling & if im okay. It was so weird the last time we spoke or saw each other I said some hurtful things I didn't mean so why is he being so nice to me?


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  • stupid idiot, you dont stay loyal to guys who end up in jail, because a guy who cares about you, does what ever he can to be with you. he is nice to you because no else wants him, knowing he is a jail bird !


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