What if you saw your boyfriend looking at another girl?

You're out in a public place with your boyfriend. All of a sudden, you catch him looking at another girl. You turn around to look at the girl out of curiosity and you see that the girl he's looking at has no shoes; she's totally roaming around barefoot out in public. Girls do you mind if your boyfriend stares at another girl. And guys do easily turn your head when you spot a barefoot girl in public.


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  • I don't understand the relevance of no shoes. But if my boyfriend checks out a girl I'm probably checking her out too.

    • What's your reaction if you see a barefoot girl in public?

    • What the fuck is she doing

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  • I used to catch mine and id wind him up about it we both work in bars so look at opposite sex all the time and flirt its part of the job. No harm in looking its when u touch u need be worried

  • I guess I'd go home and take my shoes off and remind him that I'm his girl by whatever means necessary...


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