How does the person who initiates the break-up move on so fast?

I always see this happen no matter if it's friends, family, myself, etc.. but it seems like the person who initiates the break-up always seems to move on right away.. and doesn't have the same things bother them like the dumpee does... Unless if the dumper feels things. but just keeps it hiding.. it's confusing


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  • When someone dumps you first, chances are they were thinking about it for a while. They had more time to detach themselves from you and "grow out" of their feelings. They had more time to think and process it, so when you get dumped it kind of is sudden and hurts like a bitch.

    • It's weird.. because when my ex broke up with me... we still talked the same.. and she still acted the same.. up until the day before the break up... like I could tell she was always genuine with me.. Unless if she was a really good actor

    • Obviously feelings don't just fade away, but you have to give it some time. Then after some time you will notice things that went wrong that you never noticed before. I know what you're feeling because the same thing happened with me 3-4 months ago. Everything was okay then one day it just disappeared. It's still taking me a while to process it all but I guess it happens and life sucks so much ass.

    • That's true... I think that's why they say.. whether if you want to be friends or have another chance... you have to give the person space for a few weeks/months... even if you just want a little friendship.. you have to show them time without you

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  • It sucks being the one who got broken up with..


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  • because they were thinking about it for a while and probably went through a grief cycle in that period that a dumpee would normally experience post-breakup


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