Why did it bother my ex that I didn't say hi?

We went on a break which i decided to do cuz i was depressed & he was going out a lot after work. I wanted to see if hed fight for his family and try to work it out. We had a couple arguments during this time and he decided that he didn't want to come back as he felt it might be ok for abit then we would argue and he might come back to his bags packed or previous arguments would come back up ( this was on tuesday)
I went out with friends on Friday to the club he works cuz it has 3 venues and i always went there before we met. I walked in and he hadn't gone to his venue yet and was working in this one i went to a space got served by someone else and as i turned to walk away he threw something at me and started to banter across the bar. He came today to see our son and i asked why he did it and he said i was rude to not say hi and he saw me look at him when i didn't and he noticed me at the bar yet it was really busy. he seemed really annoyed about it but i dont get why? If i see exs we dont say hi even one i was friends with first. Am i reading too much into it? It only bothered me when an ex ignored me if i wanted them back


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  • He is an X , plain and simple. You owe him nothing , not even acknowledgement. He is a butt hurt candy azz

    • I know i dont owe him we still communicate because of our child. I just didn't understand why it annoyed him so much that i didn't say hi when he was working anyway

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    • Thanks for your help. Men are so much more complicated than women! Lol

    • I don't know that I was of much help. And that what men think of most women too.

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