Girls, my girl broke up with me. She still Ioves me and cares for me. She broke up with me because she isn't happy with herself but is happy with me?

My girl broke up with me after a year and 5 months. She loves me so much and cares for me so much. She's always showed it and always let me know that she loved me. She said what we have a great thing and that I saved her when all things were crashing down on her. She had and ex before me, and he treated her so wrong that it scard her for life. I asked her if she had feelings for him or that she still loves him and she said no that she never sees herself with him again. ( I met her a year after her break up with her ex by the way.) she cried that out infront me. She says she only loves me and only cares for me, but she is just hurt. She doesn't want to depend on anyone for happiness. She wants to find her genuine happiness. She wants to fight her demons/darkness inside of her by herself. and she always reminds me that this is none of my fault, that I was nothing but good to her and amazing. I let her know that I wanna be the one to stay with her and fight with her, I wanted her to feel like "wow no matter what im going through he will always be there to fight for me". I let her know that I will always be there for her and be ready to stand tall by her side again and fight the demons and darkness inside of her. She wants time and space to figure this out on her own and she said when she is ready she will contact me? She also let me know this isn't a break up where she is looking or wanting a relationship with anyone. What should I do and how much time should I give her to figure things out? She ever talk her first? I told her that I'm not giving up on her and she told me to not expect anything from her. What do I do? And cousin said she just wants some space and time.


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  • You need to respect her wishes & give her space.

    This is a good thing & has nothing to do with you, "She doesn't want to depend on anyone for happiness. She wants to find her genuine happiness. She wants to fight her demons/darkness inside of her by herself."

    She has to heal on her own. You can either wait for her or move on. I would suggest moving on, you can always be there for her as a friend.

    • I want to wait for her, I know she wants be with me but she doesn't want to admit it because anything could happen. She says just let things take there course, I figured if I give her space she would realize that I'm not just there to be there, that I mean good into her life and bring positive things into her life. We didn't say goodbye
      Because we aren't leaving each others life's, we just simply said see you later and I love you's. For now Im just gonna try to focus on my baseball and school. How long should I wait to see how she has been doing? So she can slowly see I still care and think about her. But just to only see how she is and really try to respect her descion. Is that okay?

    • I wouldn't contact her, I would give her the space she asked for, but if you must, wait at least 3 months before doing so.

    • Okay, what if she comes to me before the 3 months, what should I do then

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