What does it mean when an ex-boyfriend dumps you and then two weeks later is dating someone else?

So my ex-boyfriend broke up with me out of the clear blue, after close to a year and a half of dating, three weeks ago and two days after we had intercourse. I seriously thought everything was going good and this caught me by surprise. Two weeks later he was essentially begging me to take him back and I kept on saying no and then had a change of heart. He changed his mind last week and asked to remain friends and he even called me on Friday night, I hanged up on him because he was playing with my feelings. I tried to talk to him this weekend and he did not respond to me until about 3 hours ago and I found out that he was dating someone else.
By my understanding of her, she is essentially a slut and they had been together for about a week and they had sex already. I accussed him of never loving me because no one who truly loved you would do that within two weeks of a break up and he kept on reassuring me that he did.
I've considered removing him completely from my life because I find it sickening that he is dating someone who wants to be in an open relationship when he doesn't. Why do individuals get into another relationship after a break up and why tell the ex about what they have done? I just don't understand. Thank you


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  • It seems to be the sex that is linking him to either you or the others. He may want you for a relationship, but still needs variety in his sexual diet. He may not know what he wants totally yet, or isn't mature enough for a solid committed relationship.

    • I told him off and said I'm done with the mind games.
      I thank you though

    • I think you made the right choice. He would have broke your heart sooner or later.

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