I have no idea what to do help me maybe?

Okay so me and my boyfriend broke up about a week ago, I miss him. I miss him a lot but I also don't miss him. I want to text him but I'm scared he'll think I want to get back together, I miss him but I don't want to get back together. I also don't know what I'd say, he tried texting me a couple days ago but I got scared and didn't reply. I have no idea what to do anymore... What should I do?


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  • Of course your feeling that way, it should be expected. What you really need to do is change your focus. Throw yourself into a hobby or sport so you don't have idle time to allow your mind to wander. Go out and do something fun with your friends. Your going to slowly get off that phase.
    Whatever you do, don't feel that void in your life with another relationship just to fill it.

    • The thing is I broke up with him

    • I figured that.
      I dont know the situation, so I could be wrong. But you obviously still feel something for him, and you thought he was doing more harm than good so you broke up with him. I'm just saying don't put yourself in a position where you are inviting the negativity back in.
      But like I said I dont know the full story, so I couldnbe wrong.
      And, not to be sexist, but I am not a girl

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