How to deal with a break up with a person that you love so much & still be friends although they never did anything wrong to hurt you?

So, I dated this guy for 6 months every is great between us we have a wonderful bond & have our differences & similarities. During this week he told me that his soul was eating him alive and that we needed to talk. We spoke & he started to say that we needed to be one religion inorder for us to get married. He's Christian & I'm Muslim. He has to be Muslim inorder for me to marry him if thats what he wants. So, we are stuck. But I feel like its too quick to break up over something like this. We are too young to get married right now. We aren't financially stable yet. I know that we are not getting married anytime soon, but better soooner than later I guess. He asked me the?'s & I had the guts to answer them since he wasn't going to do it. He wants to get mad at me since I'm blaming him for making this decision so soon. He wants to get back with me, but wants to get bad when I set some bounders that he asked for. Either we are in a relationship or friends. I'm not going to be friends with benefits or no string attached relationship. I don't want to lose someone I love so dearly to my heart, but I'm not going to follow my husband, sorry. One thing I learned is Love is sacrifice. I know its not easy to ask someone to change their religion. I respect everyones religion & decisions in life. But, he's lost in the whole situation. What do I do?
  • Either we work things through it
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  • He changes he religion
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  • Just stay as lovers
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  • Don't look back their are more fish in the sea
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  • Just be friends
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  • Give it some time


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