Boyfriend left because id depression?

I had long distance relationship with this guy. He is 20 years old and I'm 22. I live in Finland. We have had very very very tough times with him lately. He knows I'm a little bit depressed and I cut myself once 3 weeks ago when I was there. We had great time before this happened but I just got so bad anxiety attack. He came to my hotel room later and he saw my small scars and he got so so so mad at me and he just said me everything is so complicated. I told him it was my first and last time I did it. And I'm so sorry. But he just left me alone to the hotel room and didn't text or call me anymore, or didn't come to see me. Last 4 days I spent alone in New york. I texted him last week how are you and so on. We talked a little bit. I asked him can I text him some other time too but he ignored that message. I just started to feel so bad again. He has been ignoring me before too... (3 months this summer because we had a fight. That's why I started to feel depressed). Anyway, he didn't answer me for two days even though I saw him online many times on what's app. I told him that ignoring hurts, we should talk and so on. All I wanted was his support and attention. But he didn't reply. That evening I started to feel terribly bad I texted him I want to kill myself. He texted me back:" Stop being so dramatic, I can't believe what you're even saying. You love getting me mad and confused, I think it's best if we don't talk anymore." I didn't want to kill myself, I guess I just wanted to know how much he cares.. Well, I screw up😔 I always fail


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  • you didn't screw up because life is a challenges and choices, It doesn't matter what's your choice, but it's important to be the right choice to start to control your life again and Increase the level of self-esteem
    If you were not happy in your life, and waiting for the occurrence of something that 'll change your life for the better, then you'll certainly wait for a long time and that would be the wrong choice
    what you've been through doesn't mean you're fail , but means that there are people who 'll come into your life and others leaving, not because you're a bad person , but because everyone has a chapter in your life . there are those who 'll make you strong and others 'll teach you a lesson . you've to let your emotions fuel you in a positive way and start think about your dreams, job. your family and your friends

    life is Beautiful
    Don't let the sadness hold your back


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  • No, you didn't - you didn't screw up. His behaviour has nothing to do with you. He is immature... Let him go, ignore him. He does not deserve you. There is someone else out there that is a better match for you, someone that will not walk away in moments of need, someone that will love you no matter what. This person will show up when you least expect it! Love yourself in the meantime, do things you like, build up your future... something wonderful awaits! Trust me! ❤️


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  • You did screw up, you started acting mental to get attention so I'm not surprised he ended things. I'm not sure what your actual question is so can't answer, but I can sympathise with your ex-boyfriend. Cutting yourself for attention, I hate it. I hate it for any reason and think it's retarded. When you feel down next time, try doing something good for someone else. It will distract you and also probably be more interesting than cutting yourself.


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