Why can't I get over him?

He broke up with me a month ago and everyone's telling me I should just let it go now.. but I can't... He cheated on me and that really hurt. then I went on camp with him on the weekend because of a club we both do and he got with another girl who did some very nasty things including bullying me to the point of having a massive break down in which I stopped breathing... came into my dorm (with him) with her arms wrapped around him both standing there looking at me laughing... I just feel physically sick and disgusted when I think of him now... I can't put into words how much he hurt me. he put me into the lowest I've ever been...

I've got a date this week. he heard about it and said "I moved on ages ago, glad she's finally moved on"


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  • You might be holding onto feelings for your ex simply because healing takes time. This is particularly true if you were with your boyfriend a long time. When you feel surprised by a breakup, you may have a hard time believing it is really happening.

    However, until you accept that your boyfriend cheated and allow yourself to feel sad, angry or betrayed, it will be hard to get over your ex. Letting him go will not happen overnight, so be patient.

    Good luck.

    • . But I have been feeling sad, angry and betrayed... for everyday for a month and I can't take it anymore

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