Drunk dialing an ex?

Is getting into a drunk argument with ex going to ruin any possibility of a future? I was seeing a guy for about three months and then he broke things off with me. I was hurt by this and was going to ignore him but he wanted to maintain a friendship. We were still in contact texting every couple of days but nothing serious. He always initiated the conversation too. I thought I was doing fine but I guess I was more hurt than I realized because over the weekend I drunk dialed him and I got into a nasty argument of how he sucks and hurt me and I hate him. I'm not necessarily looking to get back with him at any point relationshipwise, but when I give myself some time to heal i would want to make the friendship work. Is a drunk dial session an absolute deal breaker? Or with some time to cook off can things get better?


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  • Don't try to make friendship with an ex work. It'll either happen organically or not at all.


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