Wonder if my ex has the same feelings?

So my ex broke up with me a week ago. I talked to her later that night and we talked about our relationship. I texted her about a day later and asked her what her thoughts were. We haven't talked since then. But I wonder if she is having the same feelings Im having wondering how she is doing and whats going on in her life. I still love her and want to get back together with her. I also worry about other guys taking that place that i filled, their may already be someone in that place who knows. Anyone else have these thoughts?


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  • You need to think about why you are "exes" and if the problems are fixable on both sides. Otherwise, you need to fill your mind with other activities and people. It's not a good idea to continue texting or talking right now. You can't control what she is doing or thinking but only your own actions.

    • She broke up with me because of the distance and we didn't communicate that well when we were apart. I am filling my time with friends and activities. I wasn't planing on talking to her until sometime next week maybe.

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    • I only contacted her once after the breakup and kept it short and sweet. And I am moving on but today is just one of those days I guess

    • Yeah, I've been thet too. Stay strong.

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  • I think it happens for most of us guys. That's why the "take good care of her, or others will" quote was made.


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