Was it my job that drove him away?

We were on about 18 months together and I thought it was going great. He's a soccer and basketball coach and I'm a blogger and full time stylist so were both pretty busy but always managed to make time for each other. I was offered a job by a popular international company to style and shoot a campaign And I got noticed while doing that. I'm now working with other companies to launch my own brand but my boyfriend (now ex) told me it was too much for him and I was moving too fast. First when he said that I thought he was talking about our relationship But when I questioned it he said "no it's your job" I've never been more confused! He refused to give me anymore answers! We had separate jobs, friends and hobbies so when we are together we'd always have something to talk about and would always try new things. He told me only about a week before how in love he is with me and that he thinks we're perfect together. He was such a gentleman and I would always treat him great. We'd always have fun and sorry to add this but our sex life was great! Has something similar happened to anyone else? Or guys would you have any guesses to what could've happened?


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  • I'm wondering if it is your job. Are you working close to well know guys? Will it take you away for periods of time? What exactly is your work? ( You don't have to say here ). It's just something you should ask yourself as I think it is very material in the cause of the break-up. I think that if you are a very attractive lady working with lots of good looking guys, there's your answer.

    • If that was the case could it mean he doesn't trust me? Or is it just something guys would get funny about anyway?

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    • Thank you I guess that makes sense

    • Only you know what your job will entail. Don't give it up, that's for sure! Equally, don't give up on your guy, even if you aren't talking at the moment. It may just take time for him to get his head round all this!

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