Guys, When a ex starts calling you 8 months later with no caller id & stays silent for approx a min, while still dating his rebound what does it mean?

Me and my ex dated for a little over 2 years, I broke up with him a little over a year ago in more of a heat of the moment situation. I tried to meet him after that but he refused to sit down and talk about us. He rebounded pretty soon after with his high school ex (he just graduated college now). Not being able to take the mind games 6/7 months later I called him to be straight and tell him I still have feeling for him and enquire why it seems like he's been so mad at me this whole time and talking stupid shit to people about me which was an obvious guy reaction to being hurt etc. I was able to be calm and collected speaking to him and get all my points across but the only thing I really got from him was that he had been forbidden to talk to me. Since that day for 6 month continuing he has called 15/20 times using no caller ID and stays silent for 30secs to a minute basically just to hear my voice even only saying hello. I know it's him because I got a app to unmask calls to prove my gut feeling. He is still with that rebound high school ex and doing these things. Additionally 11:11 (make a wish) was a huge thing for us and he comes online very very regularly for 11:11 on whatsapp and we both just kind of stare at each other online for that minute. He'll be offline for an entire hour and then still remember to come on at exactly 11:11 and he's done it too often for it to be a coincidence especially given the calls. What does this all mean? Why is he doing this and how do I get him back if he denies calling me obviously and me unable to particularly stir up a random normal conversation because we haven't talked normally in forever nor is he "allowed" to talk to me. I have talked to his family a lot and remembered their specials days and wished them.


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