Why is he asking about me?

So my ex and I were together for a year in a half, he cheated and was very emotional on the phone (he was crying), at first I wanted us to work things out this summer but he loves me but "wasn't sure" but he said if we got back together we'd have to be serious (never got an update but we talked almost every day (he walked up to my ligttle brother at an event I wasn't there], he'd forget to respond to txts sometimes, then i decided to tell him it's best that we don't contact eachother, he's good friends with my Bestfriend, she called me and says he's always asking about me, why? Trust me I'm moving on with my life but ofcourse I love him I'm just curious why he has the guts too even ask about me to her
Any guy that has been in this position help me understand more?


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  • It's because he still wants to get back with you. That doesn't mean he has or is willing to change, just that he would get back with you if he could.


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