What is that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach?

I miss this girl. I haven't seen or talked to her for a while. I am sad and my stomach feels sad.

I wish that I could just love another but even all her flaws are surpassed

What is that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach?


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  • It's called a broken heart.

    It passes, trust me I've been there. The longer you don't talk the better, even though it doesn't feel like it, you are healing. If you were talking or being around her, you aren't giving yourself the chance to get over her. Get involved in new activities and be with your support network and you'll feel more like yourself soon. Promise!

    • I think its more complicated than heart break

    • You asked for opinions and didn't include detail so that is my only offering

    • Im not mad. I was just saying that its pretty complicated.

      This girl has been corrupted and its going to get worse over time from the choices that she has made.

      She is sentenced two years in jail after ankle monitor and then I can't wait that long anymore.

      I've already been patient enough. I've watched the love of my life become the indifference.

      It is killing me inside that if I walk away like I should, that she will end up all alone for a long time.

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