I confessed my feelings for him and he suggested that we are bros?

I can't believe what just happened? I spent a half year dating this guy, it was great at first then we started to have our ups and downs which we did not talk about. I didn't make him a priority but I had been getting a bad feeling about him when I found out he was talking to other girls. I began to pull away, he kept chasing me for some reason and whatever there was between us started to turn into something just sexual. He began to avoid taking me out and started texting me late and sending me late night invitations. We started seeing each other less and he points it out and how he wants me to start reach out yet he only initiate sex. One time he even kicked me out in the morning after, I was shocked. I hadn't seen him in a month but he was trying to hook me up so I finally told him that I can't sleep with him anymore and he suggest that we are bros, I confessed my feelings and he just said that it was cute. That's it and now it's over. All I got was a "that's cute" after all time spent together? I'm sorry but I do not understand anything at all.


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  • You see you were a booty call. You were part of his bullpen. That's why he was talking to other girls. If you denied him, he called someone else. The reason why he chased you was either he wanted to bulk his bullpen or he didn't have many options. It was just a f*&k buddy relationship.


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  • I, on the Contrary here, dear, "Understand" Everything... He is a lost loser in love, he doesn't want to be hooked at the hip unless it includes late nite smacks and snacks, and used and abused you, mistaking your kindness for weakness.
    He is also a sore sport when you told him no more beddie bye and now is calling you a "Bro" so you know just what type of Guy.
    Forget him. Next time, make yourself the juiciest apple at the top of the tree hardest to Grab and Get.
    Good luck. xx


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  • you met a sleaze and he wanted you as a booty call. I am sorry you fell for his crap. Its a right of passage, most women experience this in this age but I know it feels awful and confusing.

    All I can say is that you were fooled by him, move along and don't even think about him. Just hold out when you are ready to have sex the next time. Even if its til the next date, because if he's willing to wait he's worth it x


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