Is my ex girlfriend in a rebound?

So my ex off 3 years ended it with me just over 2 months ago since then we have still kept in contact and still have our moments off sleeping together and telling each other we love each other still. Until about 2 weeks ago when a guy she has known for about a month are all off a sudden dating they also tell each other they love each other a lot and when he moves here on 6 weeks they're gonna move into a house together and he also bought her a puppy Now I truly believe that his a rebound but she thinks differently like one minute she kinda wanted me now she wants nothing to do with me and is moving on with this guy real quick is she just too blind and too overwhelmed with everything that's going on with them 2 and will realise it or are they actually gonna work out?


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  • This newbie whom she really doesn't even know until she shares a roof and the ruff with her, may possess some qualities that you don't have, on top of This... New and fresh to start her heart.
    You really never know anyone until you play house with them. She may find out that after the puppy pads and a few other things that do not Please her, that the grass was not all that greener on the other side of the foolish fence.
    However, you do know one thing after '3 years,' that you and her were not meant to be together again, or at least right now, and she can no longer be trusted with her heart when you are apart.
    Rebound, maybe, but like a kid at Christmas, the Newness will wear off and No more Surprises.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the upvote. xxoo

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    • And move on?

    • It sounds like she wants to be free for now so move on for you and see if she connects, and if it is for friends, you will know for sure this is what she really wants. xxoo

  • It sounds very much like a rebound so don't worry too much, it won't last long.

    • Yeah alright everyone keeps saying that to me just hard for me to believe it she has fucked around with
      Me hard now if she doesn't come
      Back wanting something I gotta say no

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