Hooked up with my ex and now i'm confused? Taking space is the right thing?

Hey guys I already know what type of answers i'm going to get from you guys, but I still wanna hear it.. i'm weird like that.

Anywho, my boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago and we decided to stay friends. He asked for a month break where we would both just be single, but I said that would be a delayed break up so we just broke up instead. A week later, I asked him if he thought it was a mistake because I did and he said although he agrees, he doesn't wanna get back together because the break up was really rough on him and he doesn't want to repeat that in the future. So that was that and we stayed friends. This past weekend he came over to take back some clothes he left at my place, but ended up staying the night. The next day we spent the entire day texting and he came over and we cooked dinner together and he spend the night as well. I thought i was okay because in the moment he was so good to me and we missed each other a lot, but now that the weekend is gone, I'm starting to get confused. I know hooking up with an ex is not good because one will probably get hurt... which i'm starting to think is me. The right thing for me to do is just stop talking to him right? My friends are telling me that right now if i continue to hang out with him i'm giving him all the power and i'll just go along with it, which will just hurt me and confuse me. Yeah i know he misses me, but since he was so set on not getting back together, i don't think sleeping with me is gonna rekindle anything for him. We live in the same apt building and go to the same school.. so we're bound to run into each other at least once every few days.. What should I do? I don't wanna lose him as a friend and make things weird. He's an important person in my life and I am the same to him. I want him in my life even if it isn't as a boyfriend.


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  • Yes, you should cut contact, but remain polite. Expect him to push for continued friendship, but don't go for it. He clearly is getting what he wants without consideration for what you want. Oddly, this is the only way of you getting to an equitable, if difficult outcome. The sooner you do this the sooner you can work on moving on from a shitty situation.

  • Its already weird. I don't think you can be just friends without you staying hurt


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