I could be pregnant, he's freaking out, what do I say to him?

I met a guy a few months ago, we got talking and got quite close, we have spent a lot of time together and it's clear he's got feelings for me, we slept together a few weeks ago for the first time and in the moment we didn't use any contraception.
I could be pregnant and have felt poorly. We've spoken about it quite a lot, he said the whole thing is playing on his mind and he feels ill and that he's going to break down which made me feel awful, he said he keeps over thinking things and cried yesterday, he said he would be there for me 110% but dsnt want to mess things up with me or be a bad parent, he then said he wouldn't really want a child while was aren't together (we aren't a actual couple), then i said if it come to it he would make a really good daddy and he said 'not going to lie that made my cry a little'
I'm really confused as to what's going on with him? Does it sound like he's just scared or dsnt want a baby at all?


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  • Both, he's confused. An accidental pregnancy is a shock. It happened to me too


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  • Id say dont rush to being a couple i was with my ex for 3mnths and i got pregnant which was a massive shock as i didn't think i could have kids anyway he said hed be there etc he was great all through my preg we moved in together month before i was due and we was great till 3months ago and it all went wrong weve been split for a month. Just take it a day at a time find out if ur preg then get used to the idea go to the scans together etc but try to still have dates together without baby talk and when baby is here get used to being parents. Dont force nothing cuz eventually they get scared and think its not what they want well happened to us anyway


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  • He is Scared here, dear, I see the sure signs of the troubled times.
    He admits that he wouldn't desert you in a time of Need but is not ready neither to be a daddy.
    If you are pregnant, talk this out as two people who took on the responsibility to Not only 'Slept together,' but now, if it came down to it, have Another... Responsibilty.
    Good luck. xx

  • He probably wants one when he is ready!! kids are a huge life changer. It's hard enough to Do when you are axle in love with your spouse let alone someone you just met.
    Just tell him to wait and see and go get blood test done. Next time I reccomend not telling him until you are for sure. Guys don't need to know things like that until it's an actual issue. They freak. Good luck


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