Still a chance? Going crazy here.

I went on one date with this girl. We set up a second one and she canceled the day before because she was going to her aunt's house. A week and half later, I asked her to go on another one, ice skating, and she took a couple days to reply and when she did she asked me when I wanted to go. But she ended up turning me down on all three days I proposed, naming specific activities that conflicted on each day and from what I gathered it seemed she didn't want to go ice skating because she would "make a fool" of herself in front of me. Although, from the way she said it, it could've been just an excuse not to go out with me because she's nice that way.

I don't know whether to ask her again. On one hand, I feel there's still a shot there. On the other, I heard that girls who are interested will offer to reschedule or suggest a different activity and especially MAKE TIME. I was contemplating asking her in a week or two one more time... but I'm not sure if I'm just annoying her and haven't gotten the "hint", because she never offered an alternative day/activity.

I haven't seen her in a month.

I'm not sure if she has low interest or just doesn't want to ice skate.

Should I try one more time in a week and half or should I just give up and use my energy on someone else?

I was so frustrated when she was busy for all three days I mentioned that I told her to give me a call when she had the time if she wanted to hang out. Haven't talked since then.


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  • Aw sorry man...I think she's nicely trying to turn you down. It would start annoying her if you continued to ask her..:( give her time, some girls like to chase and not to be chased.

  • Any girl that treats you like that doesn't deserve a good guy like you. Move on find a better girl.


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