How would you react in this scenario?

So my ex-boyfriend and I got in a fight on Sunday because he had told me he is with essentially a slut now and was asking me my opinion on an open relationship between him and her, I personally believe if you truly loved someone you wouldn't be looking for another person while dating them in my opinion. Here's the thing though, we have been broken up for about three weeks, they started dating a week ago and have already had sex (I don't know if it's true or not). After he broke up with me he asked me to be friends with him and I told him no then after a while I rethought it because I felt bad for him and told him that I would be friends with him only if he does not talk to me about his relationships, talks to me about drama, does not ask me out ever again, and no sexual contact. I thought that was pretty simple and then he decided to tell me about this other girl and I got upset. We had an argument up until I brought up about our miscarried baby and that he didn't even care for me whenever I told him about the miscarriage and ever since. I've talked to no one about it and it's just eating me away. After a while he told me he was going out on a date with the girl, which was a lie due to him working the night shift from 10 - 6 and they were on a date at 930 so there's no way in hell his parents would allow that). Well anyways, I told him off and how I felt, I would have preferred it voice to voice so that he could hear me but I did it over text message and told him that he never did love me.
How would you react if you were in my ex-boyfriend's shoes? How would you react to your ex saying that you never loved them?

Thank you


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  • quit associating with your ex.

    waste of time, waste of thought, waste of energy.

    • After that argument, I've blocked him from everything and I just got so tired of him. He's done this same crap several times while we dated and he always thought it was funny

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