Should I bring it up or not?

I was seeing a guy and we just broke up. I'm nervous because he kind of has some naked pictures of me (not my best judgment ). He's not the kind of guy who would be vengeful and spread it around but it makes me nervous they're out there. I don't know if I should say something, because then I'm reminding him of them, or if I should let it go.


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  • I really doubt he has forgotten about them. Yeah, ask him to delete them. If he does post them online or something you could press charges. I would suggest in the future you never have your face and body in the same nude picture.

    • I have no idea how he talked me into it... definitely stupid on my part and learned my lesson!
      Thank you.

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  • Remember the iCloud celebrity sex pics scandal? You know, the one where we found out how Jennifer Lawrence has such nice skin?

    Well, what that hack proved was that regardless of how hot the pics and the girls in the pics are, men generally speaking are honorable and decent and does not leak nudes by default.

    If your ex posts them, he'd be an asshole of the highest caliber.


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