He took me for granted, now he misses me?

Long story short during the last few months of our relationship my ex started to take me for granted. I borught up these concerns, at 1st he was freaked out that I would leave him and apologized. Nothing changed, the feeling came back and I brought up my doubts about our future because we wanted to get married, but he wasn't willing to pull his crap together so he could establish himself (he has no goals at all, wants to lice day by day and hopes what he wants to do will just come to him), I have been planning what I want to do for quite awhile. When I approached him it was bad, he took it as me wanting to sabatoge our "great" relationship. W/a heavy heart I decided to end the relationship as I saw he didn't appreciate me or wanted to make an effort for me. He even tried to say I left him for someone else (I left him so I wouldn't have a miserable future). My heart is shattered, we talked once on the phone since and he messaged me on FB. One day he is telling me how I broke his heart and now he tells me he misses a lot and wishes that this could have turned out differently. I'm not stupid, seems to me like he hasn't found anything better and misses me taking care of him.


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  • He doesn't miss you. He misses the idea of you


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