Any ideas why a girlfriend I was with for 6 months and engaged to but had a big fight and broke up.. why she would keep the things I asked for back?

Any ideas why the girlfriend won't return the items like a ring and other basic things that she had offered to? She claims to be honest, and concerning this I blieve she would be.

But almost 3 weeks now, and despite her telling me we are done, and no contact even from her side... she has returned nothing yet.

Why do women do this?

Does this mean that she might be rethinking it all and consider us again one day in the future once she sorts her life out?

Right now I know she is "talking" to a new guy, but unknown if it is serious. Overall I don't think she wants a relationship at all with anyone at this time.


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  • She kept it because she wants to have it. Technically since you gave it to her she is entitled to it. Even though the nice and respectable thing to do would be to give it back. Especially the ring.

    • well in the argument she made it clear she would rather starve than keep it. She was very adamant about returning it all, but nothing so far.

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    • I'm thinking if she doesn't, I should be grateful that I don't have a person capable of that in my life. It would show me how false she is. She claimed she is "very mature" too.

    • She did send it back, the ring

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